1. @ConnieChastain:

    Nobody’s above criticism. Homosexual crowd is no exception. Need to lose their coddled, protected expectations.


    Haha, nice try you fucking asshole. I like how the idiot bigots (redundant, I know) who write in here think that if they precede their bullshit with a reasonable, but unrelated statement, then people will be fooled into thinking the rest of their bigoted bullshit must also be true.

    Look, you fuck, if you think that gay folks, people who literally have laws that discriminate against them, are somehow “coddled”, you’re a fucking homophobe piece of shit and no one who isn’t also a homophobe care what you have to say.



  2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-jcLLaLobPLY/U1Lcu3lqk7I/AAAAAAAAELY/Pvi8xhsPpOM/s1600/Connie+1.tiff

    Connie Chastain:

    The civil rights movement was presented as black people just wanting to take their rightful place in the existing culture they had been excluded from. They wanted to become a part of it.
    Well, we’ve seen that THIS was certainly not true, as far as the activists (NAACP, etc.) are concerned. They DON’T want to become a part of it, to take their place at the table, so to speak. They want to CHANGE it.


    I love when racist “thinkers” write in like they’ve found some kind of actual attack on not being racist, because it really does more than anyone ever could in highlighting how dishonest, evil and/or stupid these fucks really are (let’s be real, btw, the best conjunction is almost always and).

    This fuck, for instance, thinks that, by making a bunch of weird, incoherent and false claims with kinda sophisticated syntax, he can somehow present the idiotic idea of “CHANGE” as somehow being a scary attack on some incoherent idea of, I guess, American life, that he doesn’t actual describe. Guess what, you dumb fuck, uh, yeah, of course the civil rights movement asks for CHANGE, it’s asking to CHANGE the openly racist society to a less racist society.

    PS. If you’re seriously so stupid that you think your hollow, stupid and racist point is better made by some capitalization, you’re seriously a fucking idiot.


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