stuart statue

Looks like someone is trying to raise $35,000 to restore the J.E.B. Stuart Statue on Monument Avenue.  That seems like a lot of Confederate dollars.  So here is a list of things you could buy with that much money.


David Tatum’s thirteen Confederate Honor Ribbons including one of Jeb [sic] Stuart.  They sold on eBay for $102.50.  At that price, you could buy 341 ribbon sets with the money for the statue restoration.

At an estimated $1250 per Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, TriPp Lewis could buy 28 of those little babies and add them to the Virginia Flaggers Air Force.

fair use

With $35,000 you could buy 2800 of Judy Smith’s 2015 calenders of the Virginia Flaggers and have it shipped.  If you want to skip out on shipping and pick it up, that would allow you to have 3500 calenders.  This calender has all the important holiday’s except MLK Day.


With the amount of money wanted to restore the Stuart Statue, Jack Adkins could break and replace my amp 388 times.

You could buy 4402 of these books off of Amazon and that’s enough to give one to every student and academic staff of both VMI and Washington and Lee University.

Stealing is bad.  This is the Hitachi EX 100 and was the type of excavator stolen from the I-95 Battle Flag site in Richmond.  It was valued at $20,000 according to the Virginia Flaggers.  I’ve been able to find some at a better deal, with some good haggling, the Virginia Flaggers could get excavators.

Lastly, this flag hasn’t been very popular for whatever reasons.  The shipping cost more than the flag itself.  With the money desired for statue restoration, 5,902 of these flags could be bought, if that many were ever made.