1. Let’s get the word out about this! Big love for The Flaggers on tumblr.


    Connie Chastain:
    Restoring the honor” refers to putting the Confederate flags back on the Pelham Chapel. The Virginia Flaggers believe the VMFA’s removal of them was dishonorable to the memory of Confederate veterans who worshiped in the chapel, and whose funerals were held there. It’s very simple. The Virginia Flaggers would consider the return of the flags as restoration of honor for those Confederate vets, and that is why they flag the VMFA.

    Yo, no offense (just kidding, much offense, you piece of shit), but it really takes a special type of racist asshole to try to front like “restoring the honor” of fucking CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS is important or even desirable.


  2. http://yoisthisracist.com/post/111098396530/well-see-it-depends-on-what-you-mean-by

    Connie Chastain:
    Well, see, it depends on what you mean by “racism.” Your concept of it, and mine, are likely very different, hugely different things. I don’t admit to believing something I don’t believe, ‘kay? And the symbolism of the Confederate flag is in the eye of the beholder.

    Uh, nice try dumbfuck, but even if the eyes of a bunch of racists behold a less than racist meaning to the racist-ass Confederate flag, who the fuck cares what they think?


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