Goad Tidbit #28

Anyone who has heard of me, knows by now that I am constantly counter-protesting the Virginia Flaggers and keeping a watch on them and their followers.  This Saturday, the Virginia Flaggers are hosting an event in Richmond, Virginia.  I will not be in attendance, however I want the people who will be there to know who is planning on going according to their Facebook event page.  I am not stating that these people share the same views as the Virginia Flaggers but instead giving everyone a chance to evaluate a person based on their actions.  I will list 4 people who are listed as “going.”  This does not necessarily mean that they will be there in person.  This also does not mean that the Virginia Flaggers endorses these individuals at their event.  The Virginia Flaggers should issue their own statement regarding this if they do not want any confusion from what I posted.

UPDATE.  It seems that I have been banned from the event page and my comment removed.  However, all the people listed are still “going” to the event except for Kevin Smith.

First is Jamie Jones, a resident in Alabama.  He might not make it up to Richmond.  However he wants to exclude people from his state based on sexual orientation and uses a slur towards gay men.

Jamie Jones2

Jamie Jones

Up next is Jeff Fox.  He is from the west coast and will mostly likely will not be in attendance but it is odd what kind commentary he offers.  I expect that if the Virginia Flaggers were against racist, they would take a hard stance against this statement.

Jeff Fox2

Jeff Fox

The next two are James Satterfield and Kevin Smith.  According to their profiles they are both from Virginia which means they have a greater chance of being in attendance this Saturday.  These men have no trouble using racial slurs in their Facebook posts.  If the Virginia Flaggers have a problem with people who use Confederate heritage to support their cause of racism, then they need to stop being silent when there are post like these.

Kevin Smith2

Kevin Smith

james satterfield3

james satterfield2