Another Weak Showing for the Confederate Flag Lovers

Two weeks, Confederate Flag supporters went to Washington DC and they were embarrassed.  September 19th marked the first day of the 2015 UCI World Campionships in Richmond.  The group Central VA Confederate Flag Rallies put out a call to get people to come out.

sept 19


This photo speaks for itself, there were only 9 people in attendance.  That’s is about 20 people less than the Alabama Secession Rally last month.  After saying they needed people badly and only 9 people showed up, this should be an embarrassment to their group but instead they took a different approach.

sept 19 2

I guess they got me there.  There nine people is more than just me.  But are they competing against me or are the competing against the Governor of Virginia?  I stood by myself for an hour because I didn’t put out a call for any help.  I told people to go to the rally on Monument Ave against the Confederate statues and that event got far more people to attend than this group’s meager nine.



You can also note that 2 League of South members were present, Jason Sulser (bottom) and Dennis Durham (top.)  There was a highlight of the group’s propaganda including the “SECEDE” signs.  It should also be noted that they were a block away from the actual route of the cyclists.


Notable Attendees from the Protect the South Rally in Washington DC on September 5th.

Jason Sulser DC

This man in the ThunderCats tee shirt is Jason Sulser.  He organizes Confederate flag rallies in the Stafford and Fredericksburg area.  He also uses these rallies to recruit for the League of South.  He uses White Nationalist terms like cultural genocide.

Dennis Durham

Standing behind Sulser is Dennis Durham.  He is openly in the League of South.  He is carrying flag of White Nationalism.

Dan Blake

With the camera and Joker shirt is Dan Blake.  He videotapes Confederate Flag rallies and shares them on Facebook.

Susan and John Hall

On the left is Susan Hathaway.  She is founder of the group, The Virginia Flaggers.  This group is responsible for the Confederate Battle Flags along various highways in Virginia, including the one off of 1-95 near Fredericksburg.  Next to her in the reenactors outfit is John C Hall Jr from Dublin Georgia.

Susan facebook

Samm Tittle

The woman behind the flag is Samm Tittle. She is running for President as a far-right independent candidate from Fredericksburg, VA. I can only imagine that the men in suits are her own Secret Service.