Notable Attendees from the Protect the South Rally in Washington DC on September 5th.

Jason Sulser DC

This man in the ThunderCats tee shirt is Jason Sulser.  He organizes Confederate flag rallies in the Stafford and Fredericksburg area.  He also uses these rallies to recruit for the League of South.  He uses White Nationalist terms like cultural genocide.

Dennis Durham

Standing behind Sulser is Dennis Durham.  He is openly in the League of South.  He is carrying flag of White Nationalism.

Dan Blake

With the camera and Joker shirt is Dan Blake.  He videotapes Confederate Flag rallies and shares them on Facebook.

Susan and John Hall

On the left is Susan Hathaway.  She is founder of the group, The Virginia Flaggers.  This group is responsible for the Confederate Battle Flags along various highways in Virginia, including the one off of 1-95 near Fredericksburg.  Next to her in the reenactors outfit is John C Hall Jr from Dublin Georgia.

Susan facebook

Samm Tittle

The woman behind the flag is Samm Tittle. She is running for President as a far-right independent candidate from Fredericksburg, VA. I can only imagine that the men in suits are her own Secret Service.


  1. You know You all are the Racists. Go into the National Cathedral in D.C. and look throughout the Building. You call it Your City!. Why is there inscribed in those walls good words on Robert E. Lee and Andrew Jackson and none on any Yankee Generals. I am a Northerner, but if You can’t accept Truth in History, Your the Racist.


    • I do not live in Washington DC and do not claim that as my city. I live in Richmond. If you are a Northerner, don’t tell me how to remember the war. I am a Virginian with ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. You have some nerve to jump on a bandwagon and call me a racist.

      You know who are the racists? It’s the people who believe that white people are inherently different and should be separate from other races. You know who believes that? League of South.


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