TriPp Lewis told me that he has been speaking to the police about me.  Catch the full video here.tripp6

“Are you instigating vandalism? Huh? Cause I had a nice conversation with the police and the state police. Yup. Got that little Twitter announcement. Keep talking you’re going to sink your ship buddy. Yup. Woop woop. I ain’t the one the police are looking at. It’s you. It’s you. The police are looking at you. Criminal.”

Norwood “Tripp” Lewis
July 5th, 2015

Then I got a tip from a Johnny Sentinel about the conversations between the police and Mr Lewis.


Thanks to him I found these posts.

rpd1 rpd2 Tripp5

Well there you have it.  The Richmond Police are looking for me because it is apparently illegal to tell people when a group of secessionists are patrolling your neighborhood.  Book him Danno.

tripp arrested


Goad Tidbit #28

Anyone who has heard of me, knows by now that I am constantly counter-protesting the Virginia Flaggers and keeping a watch on them and their followers.  This Saturday, the Virginia Flaggers are hosting an event in Richmond, Virginia.  I will not be in attendance, however I want the people who will be there to know who is planning on going according to their Facebook event page.  I am not stating that these people share the same views as the Virginia Flaggers but instead giving everyone a chance to evaluate a person based on their actions.  I will list 4 people who are listed as “going.”  This does not necessarily mean that they will be there in person.  This also does not mean that the Virginia Flaggers endorses these individuals at their event.  The Virginia Flaggers should issue their own statement regarding this if they do not want any confusion from what I posted.

UPDATE.  It seems that I have been banned from the event page and my comment removed.  However, all the people listed are still “going” to the event except for Kevin Smith.

First is Jamie Jones, a resident in Alabama.  He might not make it up to Richmond.  However he wants to exclude people from his state based on sexual orientation and uses a slur towards gay men.

Jamie Jones2

Jamie Jones

Up next is Jeff Fox.  He is from the west coast and will mostly likely will not be in attendance but it is odd what kind commentary he offers.  I expect that if the Virginia Flaggers were against racist, they would take a hard stance against this statement.

Jeff Fox2

Jeff Fox

The next two are James Satterfield and Kevin Smith.  According to their profiles they are both from Virginia which means they have a greater chance of being in attendance this Saturday.  These men have no trouble using racial slurs in their Facebook posts.  If the Virginia Flaggers have a problem with people who use Confederate heritage to support their cause of racism, then they need to stop being silent when there are post like these.

Kevin Smith2

Kevin Smith

james satterfield3

james satterfield2


stuart statue

Looks like someone is trying to raise $35,000 to restore the J.E.B. Stuart Statue on Monument Avenue.  That seems like a lot of Confederate dollars.  So here is a list of things you could buy with that much money.


David Tatum’s thirteen Confederate Honor Ribbons including one of Jeb [sic] Stuart.  They sold on eBay for $102.50.  At that price, you could buy 341 ribbon sets with the money for the statue restoration.

At an estimated $1250 per Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, TriPp Lewis could buy 28 of those little babies and add them to the Virginia Flaggers Air Force.

fair use

With $35,000 you could buy 2800 of Judy Smith’s 2015 calenders of the Virginia Flaggers and have it shipped.  If you want to skip out on shipping and pick it up, that would allow you to have 3500 calenders.  This calender has all the important holiday’s except MLK Day.


With the amount of money wanted to restore the Stuart Statue, Jack Adkins could break and replace my amp 388 times.

You could buy 4402 of these books off of Amazon and that’s enough to give one to every student and academic staff of both VMI and Washington and Lee University.

Stealing is bad.  This is the Hitachi EX 100 and was the type of excavator stolen from the I-95 Battle Flag site in Richmond.  It was valued at $20,000 according to the Virginia Flaggers.  I’ve been able to find some at a better deal, with some good haggling, the Virginia Flaggers could get excavators.

Lastly, this flag hasn’t been very popular for whatever reasons.  The shipping cost more than the flag itself.  With the money desired for statue restoration, 5,902 of these flags could be bought, if that many were ever made.

Goad Trivia: Response to the Virginia Flaggers


The Virginia Flaggers recently put out a post about their Lee-Jackson Day event later this month. After reading it, I can say that this is coded racism throughout their post along with their own double standards.  You can read the original Facebook post here.

The post begins with the line, “Washington & Lee Chapel Desecration,” which is contradicted in the next paragraph with the admission that they are upset with the removal of Confederate flags from Lee’s Chapel that were placed in 1930, a whole 60 years after his death. The case for desecration can be made for the people who later added Confederate flags. If anything the university returned the decoration of the Chapel to it’s condition of during the 1870’s until 1930.

The next paragraph refers to the 6 students who petitioned the school as “minorities.”  All of these students are black Americans but they are also all law students.  The Virginia Flaggers choose to refered to them by their race background before anything else.  A few paragraphs further in, the Virginia Flaggers refer to these same 6 students as agitators.  To those familiar to the critics of Martin Luther King Jr, he was commonly referred to as an outside agitator.  The Virginia Flaggers go so far as to reference one of the students, Brandon Hicks, political activities while he was an undergrad student at North Carolina Central University.  The Virginia Flaggers go on to accuse these students of being “professional activists.”  This is an odd claim because the Virginia Flaggers’ founder, Susan Hathaway has paid speaking engagements for Confederate Heritage.  In reality, it is the Virginia Flaggers who are the ones trying to make some money off of this event, after all the are an unregistered group that takes donations and never reveals where the money goes, not even for tax purposes.

The Virginia Flaggers’ post also lists that the students made demands to the school, however they failed to list one of their demands was that Martin Luther King Day be a recognized on campus.  Another unlisted demand was that the University apologize for their involvement with slavery.  They also failed to mention that none of the demands from the students were ever fully met.  The students wanted all Confederate flags removed from the campus but the school compromised to remove all replicas of Confederate flags and move the originals to display cases.

The Virginia Flaggers went on to say that they… “began to organize students and alumni to prevent University officials from caving to the outrageous demands.”  However there was very little W&L student and alumni activity among the ranks of the Virginia Flaggers.  While I am fairly certain that the got a small amount of student and alumni to write letters but the Virginia Flaggers could only produce one photo of “outraged students” at their events and that was made up of only 2 young men.

Most recently the Virginia Flaggers were upset about the closing of the Lee Chapel during Lee-Jackson Day.  That would seem like it would be a problem except that the chapel had been closed for 2 weeks until it was mentioned by the Virginia Flaggers.  In fact, the announcement originally came back in October.  It took the Virginia Flaggers 2 months to realize that the school was planning on closing the chapel for renovations and at that point, they had already expressed on their Facebook page that they were planning on visiting the chapel.  Where was their student support?  Surely one of their die-hard supporters would have noticed that the Lee Chapel had been closed and passed the information along.  Nope, that didn’t happened because the Virginia Flaggers have no student support.

This isn’t the first time that the Virginia Flaggers were upset about the closing of the Lee Chapel.  Back in July, the Virginia Flaggers were planning on having a joint Confederate rally with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  However another group planned to show up, the League of the South.  This third group is a fringe group that harbors white nationalists beliefs and has been labeled as a hate group.  Leading up to the protests, the university announced that they would be closing the Lee Chapel during the weekend for safety reasons.  The Virginia Flaggers claim that they filed a FOIA request for communications with law enforcement about the threats but claimed that there were no threats revealed from these reports.  I can’t confirmed their absences of evidence but I will tell you that a hate group did show up and advertise that they were going to be there.  But if you want to see a group mention violence about Washington and Lee University just look at this…

Compromise is fatal

The Virginia Flaggers have been very upset about their inability to protest on the campus.  One thing that they mentioned was the story of the 15 year-old who was told to remove his Confederate apparel.  Again they make another omission, that the school is a private university which means that protests are not allowed on the property unless they are approved by the school.

We found it the worst kind of intolerance and bigotry that the University administration had chosen to openly discriminate against those of Confederate Ancestry…

Maybe the biggest exaggerations of this entire mess.  Looking at the protests on the campus of UC Davis in which students were maced for having a sit in.  In this case, protesters were presented the options of removing their articles of clothing that were considered an open act of protest or to simply leave.  No force or threat of force was ever issued to those who came in with Confederate Battle Flags.

Another ignorant claim was that the university officials were, “caving to the outrageous demands.”  However if you were to reverse the situation, if the university officials were to change their decision and to return replica Confederate flags, they would be caving to the demand of the Virginia Flaggers.

One thing that the Virginia Flaggers cannot accept is that they offer the university no support.  The group as well as every neo-Confederate group can boycott Washington and Lee University but they never contributed anything to the school, thus their boycott has no weight.  The real contributors are the 6 students who are paying some hefty tuition to be law students at a private university.

I welcome any member of the Virginia Flaggers to challenge this response in the comment section.  However I doubt that will be the case just like they never had a response for me after I found out one of their members damaged my property and rode off.