TriPp Lewis told me that he has been speaking to the police about me.  Catch the full video here.tripp6

“Are you instigating vandalism? Huh? Cause I had a nice conversation with the police and the state police. Yup. Got that little Twitter announcement. Keep talking you’re going to sink your ship buddy. Yup. Woop woop. I ain’t the one the police are looking at. It’s you. It’s you. The police are looking at you. Criminal.”

Norwood “Tripp” Lewis
July 5th, 2015

Then I got a tip from a Johnny Sentinel about the conversations between the police and Mr Lewis.


Thanks to him I found these posts.

rpd1 rpd2 Tripp5

Well there you have it.  The Richmond Police are looking for me because it is apparently illegal to tell people when a group of secessionists are patrolling your neighborhood.  Book him Danno.

tripp arrested


Watch out for the Monument Watch

The Virginia Flagger’s Grayson Jennings announced that he would began what he called “Monument Watch” on the historic Monument Avenue.  This comes off two recent cases of vandalism on the Jefferson Davis statue at the intersection of Davis and Monument.  Jennings made this announcement in the most asinine way possible.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no Virginia Flaggers that live on Monument or the adjacent neighborhoods, The Fan and the Museum District.  The entire thing ignores what the neighborhood wants.  I do not know what the neighborhood wants, but at no point did the public get informed about who was coming to their neighborhood.  This post is an attempt to tell the public about this groups activities.

Jenning says in an interview, “What happened to diversity and inclusiveness?  It just doesn’t include southern White people for some reason.”  Jennings has immediately made this about race.

grayson jennings 2

Jennings posts pictures of the monuments he has watched over the past few nights.  None of these statues include Author Ashe.

grayson jennings 3grayson jennings 4

Jennings is also open about being a secessionist.  He proudly displays a sticker on his back window of his truck that reads, “SECEDE.” He also encourages people to resist the laws of the United States yet wants to run a neighborhood watch.

grayson jennings 5

Jennings is “kicked back” with CC Lesters.  At the time of this photo, Lesters is caught up in the middle of a case involving his ex-girlfriend kidnapping her daughter.

Another case involves a former Virginia Flagger affiliated film maker claiming that he subdued two would-be vandals. However, it was later proved to be a faked story.

Another Virginia Flagger, Tripp Lewis, was arrested while protesting at the VMFA.