TriPp Lewis told me that he has been speaking to the police about me.  Catch the full video here.tripp6

“Are you instigating vandalism? Huh? Cause I had a nice conversation with the police and the state police. Yup. Got that little Twitter announcement. Keep talking you’re going to sink your ship buddy. Yup. Woop woop. I ain’t the one the police are looking at. It’s you. It’s you. The police are looking at you. Criminal.”

Norwood “Tripp” Lewis
July 5th, 2015

Then I got a tip from a Johnny Sentinel about the conversations between the police and Mr Lewis.


Thanks to him I found these posts.

rpd1 rpd2 Tripp5

Well there you have it.  The Richmond Police are looking for me because it is apparently illegal to tell people when a group of secessionists are patrolling your neighborhood.  Book him Danno.

tripp arrested


Watch out for the Monument Watch

The Virginia Flagger’s Grayson Jennings announced that he would began what he called “Monument Watch” on the historic Monument Avenue.  This comes off two recent cases of vandalism on the Jefferson Davis statue at the intersection of Davis and Monument.  Jennings made this announcement in the most asinine way possible.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no Virginia Flaggers that live on Monument or the adjacent neighborhoods, The Fan and the Museum District.  The entire thing ignores what the neighborhood wants.  I do not know what the neighborhood wants, but at no point did the public get informed about who was coming to their neighborhood.  This post is an attempt to tell the public about this groups activities.

Jenning says in an interview, “What happened to diversity and inclusiveness?  It just doesn’t include southern White people for some reason.”  Jennings has immediately made this about race.

grayson jennings 2

Jennings posts pictures of the monuments he has watched over the past few nights.  None of these statues include Author Ashe.

grayson jennings 3grayson jennings 4

Jennings is also open about being a secessionist.  He proudly displays a sticker on his back window of his truck that reads, “SECEDE.” He also encourages people to resist the laws of the United States yet wants to run a neighborhood watch.

grayson jennings 5

Jennings is “kicked back” with CC Lesters.  At the time of this photo, Lesters is caught up in the middle of a case involving his ex-girlfriend kidnapping her daughter.

Another case involves a former Virginia Flagger affiliated film maker claiming that he subdued two would-be vandals. However, it was later proved to be a faked story.

Another Virginia Flagger, Tripp Lewis, was arrested while protesting at the VMFA.

Goad Tidbit #28

Anyone who has heard of me, knows by now that I am constantly counter-protesting the Virginia Flaggers and keeping a watch on them and their followers.  This Saturday, the Virginia Flaggers are hosting an event in Richmond, Virginia.  I will not be in attendance, however I want the people who will be there to know who is planning on going according to their Facebook event page.  I am not stating that these people share the same views as the Virginia Flaggers but instead giving everyone a chance to evaluate a person based on their actions.  I will list 4 people who are listed as “going.”  This does not necessarily mean that they will be there in person.  This also does not mean that the Virginia Flaggers endorses these individuals at their event.  The Virginia Flaggers should issue their own statement regarding this if they do not want any confusion from what I posted.

UPDATE.  It seems that I have been banned from the event page and my comment removed.  However, all the people listed are still “going” to the event except for Kevin Smith.

First is Jamie Jones, a resident in Alabama.  He might not make it up to Richmond.  However he wants to exclude people from his state based on sexual orientation and uses a slur towards gay men.

Jamie Jones2

Jamie Jones

Up next is Jeff Fox.  He is from the west coast and will mostly likely will not be in attendance but it is odd what kind commentary he offers.  I expect that if the Virginia Flaggers were against racist, they would take a hard stance against this statement.

Jeff Fox2

Jeff Fox

The next two are James Satterfield and Kevin Smith.  According to their profiles they are both from Virginia which means they have a greater chance of being in attendance this Saturday.  These men have no trouble using racial slurs in their Facebook posts.  If the Virginia Flaggers have a problem with people who use Confederate heritage to support their cause of racism, then they need to stop being silent when there are post like these.

Kevin Smith2

Kevin Smith

james satterfield3

james satterfield2

Goad Trivia: Christians Given the Same Criticism as Muslims

Recently, a certain Confederate “heritage” enthusiast posted the reasons he dislikes Muslims.  My attempt is to get him and others with similar opinions to realize that the blood spilled in the name of Islam has nothing to do with Muslims who distance themselves from the fringes is just like the examples from Christianity I am going to set forth.

Let’s start off with the Bible itself.  There seems to be many perverted stories   Lot and his daughters were the only people saved by God from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were viewed as righteous.  Lot offered his daughters his daughters to the men of Sodom for sexual abuse. (Genesis 19:8)  He would eventual have sex with them and raise two sons through his daughters.  (Genesis 19:36)

And it still occurs!

Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision is common in Christian areas like Uganda and Ethiopia.

Then there are Christian militants like Joesph Kony who kidnap children and force them to go to war.

Then there are Christians who murdered innocent people.  Anders Breivik killed 77 people, 8 in a bombing and 69 at gun point because his Christian beliefs.

Wade Page murder 6 people in preparation for what he considered a racial holy war.  He thought the people he murdered were Muslims because they wore turbans but were instead Sikh.

American politicians going to war and citing Christian as an influence.

Again, I am not condemning Christianity, just the fringe that does these unspeakable acts.  To bring up ISIL when mentioning Islam is the same as bringing up any of the things I’ve mentioned when someone talks about Christianity.


stuart statue

Looks like someone is trying to raise $35,000 to restore the J.E.B. Stuart Statue on Monument Avenue.  That seems like a lot of Confederate dollars.  So here is a list of things you could buy with that much money.


David Tatum’s thirteen Confederate Honor Ribbons including one of Jeb [sic] Stuart.  They sold on eBay for $102.50.  At that price, you could buy 341 ribbon sets with the money for the statue restoration.

At an estimated $1250 per Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, TriPp Lewis could buy 28 of those little babies and add them to the Virginia Flaggers Air Force.

fair use

With $35,000 you could buy 2800 of Judy Smith’s 2015 calenders of the Virginia Flaggers and have it shipped.  If you want to skip out on shipping and pick it up, that would allow you to have 3500 calenders.  This calender has all the important holiday’s except MLK Day.


With the amount of money wanted to restore the Stuart Statue, Jack Adkins could break and replace my amp 388 times.

You could buy 4402 of these books off of Amazon and that’s enough to give one to every student and academic staff of both VMI and Washington and Lee University.

Stealing is bad.  This is the Hitachi EX 100 and was the type of excavator stolen from the I-95 Battle Flag site in Richmond.  It was valued at $20,000 according to the Virginia Flaggers.  I’ve been able to find some at a better deal, with some good haggling, the Virginia Flaggers could get excavators.

Lastly, this flag hasn’t been very popular for whatever reasons.  The shipping cost more than the flag itself.  With the money desired for statue restoration, 5,902 of these flags could be bought, if that many were ever made.